Spotted Lanternfly

In Regard to the Lanternfly Quarantine: Our trees were inspected by the state of PA and were found to be free of the Lantern fly. They can be taken outside of the quarantine with the documents we provide every customer.

Out of State Customers

  • if you are taking one of our trees outside of Pennsylvania, please inform us so we can give you a Certificate to transport to another state
  • some states require this certificate to import nursery items, if you should happen to be stopped and questioned show them the certificate


all customers will receive a copy of our "Lanternfly" certificationcustomers transporting a tree out of state or to a non-quarantine area please ask for a special certificate


Learn more about the Lanternfly...

  • www.
  • at the top right under...Plants, Land & Water...choose Plant Industry
  • there are 9 blue squares...choose Entomology
  • scroll down, there are 7 blue squares...choose Lanternfly
  • or here's the whole address... (sorry I couldn't get a link to this page to work)


440 Stehman Church Road, Millersville, PA 17551