Picking a Tree

Things to Consider 

  • Tree Location...
    • What's my ceiling height?...allow room for your tree topper
    • Will the tree be seen from all sides?...look for a symmetrical tree
    • Will the tree be in a corner?...a less than perfect tree will work
  • Tree Stand...
    • How large is the opening?...will a girthy trunk fit?
    • Do I have a special stand that requires the trunk to be drilled?
  • Ornaments...
    • Do I have large, long, heavy ornaments?...look for Canaan or Fraser Fir which have open spacing that allows long ornaments to "hang" rather than "lay" on the tree and have sturdy branches for heavy decorations.

Tree Care

  • Put it in water as soon as you get home
  • Use cool water NOT hot water, this kills the tree (think temperature of rain)
  • Don't let it go dry. Trees can drink as much as a gallon a day (this is a variable depending on the.
  • Make sure the trunk base is submerged in water at all times.
  • If it goes dry, the trunk waxes over and cannot take up water causing needle drop.
  • Put the tree in a cool spot.
  • Avoid putting it near a heat source or drafty area, these cause excessive drying.
  • Do NOT trim bark off the trunk, this affects the tree's ability to take up water.


  • Bag...install a tree bag before setting up your tree.
  • Fragrance keep that fresh scent, snip a few tips from inner branches every few days.
  • Simple but Elegant...just starting out? No ornaments? Use white lights, tie a small ribbon bow and hang it on the branch with an ornament hook then add a big bow at the top.
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