Reserve a Tree

Come reserve your tree today!

All trees are measured and priced

  • Find your tree.
  • Locate the tage like the example below.
  • Remove bottom 2 sections (do not separate the bottom 2 portions)
  • Write your name and number/email on the back.
  • Put bottom 2 tag portions in the wood box next to the store door (we need all tag parts). If you want a "copy", write down the tag number or take a picture with your phone...your tree is now reserved
  • When you return for your tree, go to the store, give your name/tag number and we'll retrieve your tree or you can call ahead and we can have it ready when you arrive.

Tag Front

  • Tags have 3 section stays on the tree
  • Remove bottom 2 sections but DON'T separate (we need both)
  • Bottom section indicates size, type and price
  • Example: 6.5co $53.63, ...a 6 1/2 foot Concolor for $53.63 (+additional tax).


Tag Back

  • This is the back side of the bottom two tag sections
  • Write your name and phone number or email
  • Put this in the wood box just right of the store door



440 Stehman Church Road, Millersville, PA 17551